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1 Rois 1 [Références croisées TSKe]


  • 1Ki 1.1, Abishag cherishes David in his extreme age;
  • 1Ki 1.5, Adonijah, David's darling, usurps the kingdom;
  • 1Ki 1.11, By the council of Nathan,
  • 1Ki 1.15, Bath-sheba moves the king,
  • 1Ki 1.22, and Nathan seconds her;
  • 1Ki 1.28, David renews his oath to Bath-sheba;
  • 1Ki 1.32, Solomon, by David's appointment, being anointed king by Zadok and Nathan, the people triumph;
  • 1Ki 1.41, Jonathan bringing the news, Adonijah's guests fly;
  • 1Ki 1.50, Adonijah, flying to the horns of the altar, upon his good behaviour, is dismissed by Solomon.

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