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Lévitique 11.46 [Références croisées TSKe]

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LSG Lv 11:46 Telle est la loi touchant les animaux, les oiseaux, tous les êtres vivants qui se meuvent dans les eaux, et tous les êtres qui rampent sur la terre,

KJV Lv 11:46 This is the law of the beasts, and of the fowl, and of every living creature that moveth in the waters, and of every creature that creepeth upon the earth:

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The distinction of clean and unclean animals - see note on Lev 11:2 existed even before the flood, though it probably then only related to sacrifices; but at this time we find there were very particular laws enacted respecting the diet of the people, and the ceremonial uncleanness contracted by touching the carcases of unclean animals. The reasons for the enactment of these laws seem to be:

1. As a test of obedience, and to teach the Israelites habits of self-denial, and the government of their appetites.

2. To keep them distinct from other nations, and consequently from their idolatrous usages, by throwing hindrances in the way of their social intercourse; for these distinctions were applicable both to persons and things. The Canaanites not only ate the animals prohibited by Moses, which we usually eat, but others also, among which dogs were one. Besides, many of those declared unclean were sacred among the heathen, and sacrificed to their gods.

3. Because those prohibited were innutritive and unwholesome; as the swine, the flesh of which being strong and difficult to digest, affords a very gross aliment, and produces, especially in hot climates, cutaneous, scrophulous, and scorbutic disorders, as the itch, leprosy, etc.

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*Eze 43:12


- the law
Nombres 5:29 Telle est la loi sur la jalousie, pour le cas où une femme sous la puissance de son mari se détourne et se souille,
Nombres 30:16 (30:17) Telles sont les lois que l'Éternel prescrivit à Moïse, entre un mari et sa femme, entre un père et sa fille, lorsqu'elle est dans sa jeunesse et à la maison de son père.
- the commandments
Nombres 36:13 Tels sont les commandements et les lois que l'Éternel donna par Moïse aux enfants d'Israël, dans les plaines de Moab, près du Jourdain, vis-à-vis de Jéricho.

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