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Le titre Immersed se trouve dans les albums suivants de Charlie Hall :

Porch and Altar
piste 6, 04'43


Extraits de Immersed

Paroles de Immersed

You are the core of my life, the crux of every statement
You surround me, I surround you too
I am a satellite, hovering about who you are
Youre the sun; Im the earth, rotating in your glow

Let your sovereign, providential hand lead me
Let your sovereign, providential hand keep me

Who I am is in you, like someone immersed in the deep end of a
water pool
Inside of you I live and move and have my being

You are more concerned with keeping me than exalting me
You would even use the pains of life to draw me close
If this be my hand my father, I receive it,
I am yours alone