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Make Strait


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Le titre Make Strait se trouve dans les albums suivants de Charlie Hall :

Porch and Altar
piste 1, 05'31


Paroles de Make Strait

Wake up you sleepers, wake up you preachers,
Join with the prayers of saints and martyrs for two-thousand

The Lord of the harvest, and the angels in the clouds
See that the earth is white, and its time to swing the sickle down

And make strait the path of the Lord
Every crack shall fill up, every mountain brought low
Every crooked thing strait, and every rough road smooth
Make strait the path of the Lord
And all flesh shall see the salvation of God

Bowing low on the altar, we pray for your hand
To anoint us in power, to go to the broken, sing life to the land
So all of you sowers throw out your seed
Dance with the captive, today we are free