- Un éclairage sur la foi

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The Vision


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Le titre The Vision se trouve dans les albums suivants de Charlie Hall :

Joel's Window
piste 9, 03'37


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Paroles de The Vision

A vision of the world aflame
Across this globe is written Jesus' name.
And the heart of God is burning in the hearts of His people
They're yearning to seek His holy face.
And even in their sleep they'll speak His name.
And the Spirit of the Lord on us to set a fi-re.

Oh, oh, we are Your fuel Lord.
Oh, oh set our hearts in a blaze.
Oh, oh, wherever You say will go, Lord.
We'll take up our cross and suffer loss
For the sake of Your name.

A peculiar people With no face.
They march in step, each one in place.
Consumed with love for Jesus Christ the Son
In unity they cry aloud.
The earth it shakes with this righteous sound.
"Oh God of heaven let Your kingdom come."