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Gummy Buffalo


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Le titre Gummy Buffalo se trouve dans les albums suivants de Earthsuit :


Paroles de Gummy Buffalo

Now come to where imagination exists
A little black, a little white, a little gray, a little twist
Everythings bliss, though my nature resists
Im breaking down, Im breaking through, Im breaking off, Im breaking this
No explanation as I dress the canvas
The world is much nicer when the worlds anonymous
Its all paper clouds raining blue snow on a gummy buffalo

Ive been dreaming of gummy buffalo
And believing thats just the way it goes
Theyve been scheming the sounds we dont know
Ive been dreaming about gummy buffalo

Its a state of mind, somewhere to fall
A place to live, a place to die, a place to run, a place to crawl
And yet I seem to be getting nowhere at all
Give it up, give it in, give it a try, give it a call
I walk the corridors, walk the shores, walk the floors
Take the doors that can lead me to the roars
And all the sounds that are coming from the show of the gummy buffalo

They said watch this, watch this

Here I can cover my mistakes, rewind and try again
If I get spooked out I wake myself up and then
Ill take a breath, close my eyes, re-enter in
This little world of gummy buffalo that never seems to end