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I'm Not Ashamed


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Le titre I'm Not Ashamed se trouve dans les albums suivants de Hillsong :

Saviour King
piste 1, 04'26


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Paroles de I'm Not Ashamed

There's a song that everyone can sing
There's a prayer that everyone can bring
Feel the music cos it's time to dance
People all across the world
With a heartbeat for holiness
Feel his pleasure
We are God's romance

Hear the sound let it shake the ground
Now's the time for the saints to shine

Everyone here is the kingdom come
Here is the God who saves the day
And we will gladly run into the glorious Son
Singing that Jesus is alive

There's a song that everyone can sing
There's a race that everyone can win
Leave your sadness, it's our time to dance
Everyone let out your praise
People with their hearts ablaze

We've found Jesus, he's our great romance

Holy is the Lord

[nb]Martin Smith 2000 Curious? Music UK[/nb]