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Le titre Rapture se trouve dans les albums suivants de Pedro the Lion :

piste 2, 03'26


MP3 de Rapture

Paroles de Rapture

This is how we multiply
Pity that its not my wife
The friction of skin
The trembling sigh

This is how our bodies move
With everything that we could lose
Pushing us deeper still
The sheets and the sweat
The seed and the spill
The bitter pill yet undiscovered

Gideon is in the drawer
Clothes scattered on the floor
Shes arching her back
She screams for more

Oh my sweet rapture
I hear Jesus calling me home

Finally a chance to breath
Reaching for the fallen sheets
Collapsing in a glowing heap
We've gone too far
We've done too much
We have to quit it
Just one more kiss
Just one more touch
Please 10 more minutes

This feels so good...
Just barely moving...
The tension building...
Our bodies working...
To Reach the goal...

Oh my sweet rapture
I hear Jesus and the angels singing
Calling me to enter the promise land.