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Start Without Me


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Le titre Start Without Me se trouve dans les albums suivants de Pedro the Lion :

Achilles Heel
piste 10, 03'11

Stations EP
piste 6, 02'46


MP3 de Start Without Me

Paroles de Start Without Me

Roll me over I wanna wave at the kids
I cant say I prescribe cause I dont know what it is
Im down at the track Im just calling to check in
If you start without me say my name as you begin
Its not like it wasnt all for you
But like everything I do its misunderstood
Take a message Im on my way out of town
But the wordings important so make sure you write it down
Theres money behind every picture in the place
Sincerely your husband on my way to the next race
If its once I got it
If its twice I don't