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1 Chroniques 21 [Références croisées TSKe]


  • 1Ch 21.1, David, tempted by Satan, forces Joab to number the people;
  • 1Ch 21.5, The number of the people being brought, David repents of it;
  • 1Ch 21.9, David having three plagues propounded by God, chooses the pestilence;
  • 1Ch 21.14, After the death of seventy thousand, David by repentance prevents the destruction of Jerusalem;
  • 1Ch 21.18, David, by Gad's direction, purchases Ornan's threshing- floor; where having built an altar, God gives a sign of his favour by fire, and stays the plague;
  • 1Ch 21.28, David sacrifices there, being restrained from Gibeon by fear of the angel.

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