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Actes 7 [Références croisées TSKe]


  • Acts 7.1, Stephen, permitted to answer to the accusation of blasphemy,
  • Acts 7.2, shows that Abraham worshipped God rightly, and how God chose the fathers,
  • Acts 7.20. before Moses was born, and before the tabernacle and temple were built;
  • Acts 7.37, that Moses himself witnessed of Christ;
  • Acts 7.44, and that all outward ceremonies were ordained, according to the heavenly pattern, to last but for a time;
  • Acts 7.51, reprehending their rebellion, and murdering of Christ, the Just One, whom the prophets foretold should come into the world;
  • Acts 7.54, Whereupon they stone him to death, who commends his soul to Jesus, and humbly prays for them.

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