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Juges 9 [Références croisées TSKe]


  • Judg 9.1, Abimelech by conspiracy with the Shechemites, and murder of his brethren, is made king;
  • Judg 9.7, Jotham by a parable rebukes them, and foretells their ruin;
  • Judg 9.22, Gaal conspires with the Shechemites against him;
  • Judg 9.30, Zebul reveals it;
  • Judg 9.34, Abimelech overcomes them, and sows the city with salt;
  • Judg 9.46, He burns the hold of the god Berith;
  • Judg 9.50, At Thebez he is slain by a piece of a millstone;
  • Judg 9.56, Jotham's curse if fulfilled.

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