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Luc 5 [Références croisées TSKe]


  • Luke 5.1, Christ teaches the people out of Peter's ship;
  • Luke 5.4, in a miraculous taking of fishes, shows how he will make him and his partners fishers of men;
  • Luke 5.12, cleanses the leper;
  • Luke 5.16, prays in the wilderness;
  • Luke 5.17, heals one sick of the palsy;
  • Luke 5.27, calls Matthew the Publican;
  • Luke 5.29, eats with sinners, as being the physician of souls;
  • Luke 5.33, foretells the fastings and afflictions of the apostles after his ascension;
  • Luke 5.36, and illustrates the matter by the parable of old bottles and worn garments.

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