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2 Samuel 20.14 [Références croisées TSKe]

Texte (français et anglais)

LSG 2S 20:14 Joab traversa toutes les tribus d'Israël dans la direction d'Abel Beth Maaca, et tous les hommes d'élite se rassemblèrent et le suivirent.

KJV 2S 20:14 And he went through all the tribes of Israel unto Abel, and to Bethmaachah, and all the Berites: and they were gathered together, and went also after him.

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Or rather, probably, Abel of Beth-Maachah, as in the next verse. It appears, from Joab having marched "through all the tribes of Israel," to have been situated in the northern confines of the land of Israel, and in the half tribe of Manasseh, east of Jordan, as that was the situation of Maachah, to which it belonged. This agrees with the situation of the Abila which Eusebius and Jerome place between Paneas, or Cesarea Philippi, and Damascus. Josephus says it was a fortified city, and a metropolis of the Israelites; and also that it belonged to the ten tribes, having been taken from the king of Damascus. *1Ki 15:20
*2Ki 15:29
*2Ch 16:4
*Josh 18:25, Beeroth


- Beer
Juges 9:21 Jotham se retira et prit la fuite ; il s'en alla à Beer, où il demeura loin d'Abimélec, son frère.

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