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Marc 14 [Références croisées TSKe]


  • Mark 14.1, A conspiracy against Christ;
  • Mark 14.3, Precious ointment is poured on his head by a woman;
  • Mark 14.10, Judas sells his Master for money;
  • Mark 14.12, Christ himself foretells how he shall be betrayed by one of his disciples;
  • Mark 14.22, after the passover prepared, and eaten, institutes his last supper;
  • Mark 14.26, declares aforehand the flight of all his disciples, and Peter's denial;
  • Mark 14.43, Judas betrays him with a kiss;
  • Mark 14.46, He is apprehended in the garden;
  • Mark 14.53, falsely accused and impiously condemned of the Jews' council;
  • Mark 14.65, shamefully abused by them;
  • Mark 14.66, and thrice denied of Peter.

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